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Every goalie has at some point run into stringing issues or throwing issues stemming from a poorly strung stick.  The Key to a clear, concise and accurate pass starts with a properly strung stick.

Here at 6×6 Goalie Academy we wont’ just string your stick for you, we educate you on HOW to string your stick and then how to maintain it once you get into the heart of the season. If you’re  a goalie and can’t string your own stick or at least be able to maintain it, well…I hate to admit this but you will find yourself at the far end of the bench, because the first line of offense starts with a solid clear by the goalie. 

GOOD NEWS!!!  we have everything you need here to help you maintain your stick to include a number of tips, advice, and best practices to make life a little easier and to take away any frustrations you have regarding how to fix your stick. 

Stringing Services

6×6 Goalie Stick Customization

We are currently working on a way to make stringing requests through the website, until then you may simply email us at


                                                        Basic Re-String                                                               $15

                                                                         Materials provided by the individual

                           Re-String                                                                          $25Stick_Stringing_Restring

                               Includes custom color hard mesh (20D or 12D), strings, and shooters


     Stick_Stringing_Mesh                     CUSTOM Re-String                                                        $30*

                            Custom mesh and Custom strings at your request, we can put in just about anything. 

( * = price may  vary based on the mesh)




prices will vary based on Final Destination