We have been around the block and back over the years trying to develop a suitable method of learning and instruction that all students will be able to follow. After years of research and experience , 6×6 has found a method that has proven immediate and impactful results.  We have seen beginner students excel rapidly after learning this new method, which utilizes the simple fundamental concept of the FCC (Follow, Commit, and Contact). Every goalie is different and we are not all built the same, however we all have the ability to make a stop , textbook or not, we can all make the big stop. 


6×6 utilizes simple fundamental concepts to drive  home the basics of goaltending.  Once the concepts have been established using simple drill techniques, then we fine tune the saving techniques through innovative drill sets that drive home each save mechanic. Once the concepts have been developed, the techniques fine tuned, we then focus on the tactical approach which gives the goalie the advantage over the competition.  Finally, we hammer down the importance of proper pre-practice/game routine that needs to be followed every time they step on a lacrosse field, it’s the key to comfort within the crease and the 6×6 Cage. 

Lastly we get inside the core vortex of the of the brain in every lesson and discuss their fears, anxiety, and ability to achieve confidence through physical relentless skill practice. Once we determine what they fear we develop a routine to refocus the brain that helps move them beyond the fear and into an aggressive mindset. This mindset will help overcome those fears and give them the confidence to step in front of every shot thrown their way and make the big stop.