Coach Gigliotti has developed a training regimen that will help goalies improve their skills and retain information for long term success. Expert goalie evaluations, realistic situational training and advanced techniques to include proper Warm Up routines are all elements of the 6×6 Goalie Academy.

The 6×6 Goalie Camp includes 4 days of intense instruction and expert evaluation to bolster goalie achievement towards completion                                                   

$680 (Overnight)                $475.00 (Commuter)


The 6×6 Goalie Academy prides itself on personal 1 on 1 Player/Coach relationships. Each camper will receive a 1 on 1 opportunity with a 6×6 Staff member where they will get evaluated and an opportunity to work on an area(s) of their game. The camp will also incorporate non-lax events for additional fun between sessions, non-traditional 7v7 goalie games, STAFF Presentations with demonstrations and a superior staff to provide goalies the proper instruction they need to be successful.


Clearing Techniques & Tactics

One area of goalie play that tends to get downplayed is Clearing.  Coach Gigliotti and his staff will run each goalie through a gauntlet of “Outside-the-Box” drills to teach goalies how to clear the ball effectively and consistently.  A big part of clearing stems from a properly strung stick, in fact ALL campers will have the opportunity to learn how to string and maintain their own stick by our on staff String Doctors.

After they learn how to throw, each goalie will learn how to utilize the field and their surroundings to clear the ball up the field without turning the ball over and increasing their clearing percentages. Being mobile and understanding how to evade a riding attacker gives each goalie a leg up on their opponent and will get the ball down field quicker and more consistently.


 Non-Traditional Goalie Lax

All Goalies will be split up into teams to play non-traditional 7 on 7 regulation games.  The goalies use their goalie sticks to work on stickwork while learning how to play all positions on the field.  The games will be held in the evenings in Van Andel Stadium on the turf, after a full day of instruction.  Goalies are encouraged to bring elbow pads to wear in the games to avoid injury, but not mandatory if you don’t have them.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-out Drill

Why is that goalie wearing boxing gloves??  Come to The 6×6 Goalie Camp and see for yourself why Coach Gigliotti laces up the gloves and throws you in the ring.  This drill will drive home the concept of extending your bottom hand when making low saves to increase possession.  Getting your hands and body in the right position to make a save will raise your save percentages resulting in less rebounds.  The idea of the boxing gloves came about when working with a student about making low saves.  Their hand was caught behind them more times than not, and when instructed to punch out like a boxer in the ring throwing jabs, he instantly started making saves and was doing it with proper form.  Just one of many Outside-the-Box drills you’ll see at the 6×6 Goalie Camp.