Daily Schedule

Day 1

11:00am – 12:30  Registration

1:00pm                 Roll Call / Meeting

1:15pm                 Head to Devos Fields

2:00pm                 TALK 1

2:30pm                 Cages:  ARC Walk & Light Shots

3:00pm                 TALK 2

3:30pm                 Cages: Warm Up Goalies & Observations w/ fixes

4:00pm                 Camp Round Up

                                FREE Time

5:00pm                 DINNER

6:15pm                 Camp Round Up /  Walk to Fields

6:30pm                 GOALIE GAMES:  7 v 7 Team Assignments

7:00pm                 Goalie Games

8:00pm                 Camp Round Up –  COMMUTER PICK UP

8:45pm                 STAFF PRESENTATION

Days 2 & 3

7:00am                 Wake Up Call / Roll Call / Head to Breakfast

7:15am                 BREAKFAST then  Head to Fields

8:00am                 COMMUTER DROP OFF

8:30am                 TALK 4

9:00am                 Stretch/Agilities

9:15am                 Cages: Skill Rotations 

11:00am               Camp Round Up Walk to Dorms

                               Individual Instruction w/ STAFF

12:00pm               LUNCH

1:15pm                 Camp Round Up & Roll Call

1:30pm                 TALK 5

2:00pm                Cages: Skill Rotations 

3:30pm                 Camp Round Up

                               Individual Instruction w/ STAFF

4:00pm                 FREE Time

5:00pm                 DINNER

6:15pm                 ROLL CALL – Head to Fields

6:30pm                Goalie Games

7:00pm                TUE: GOALIES MATTER NIGHT!!   WED: Staff/Camper Goalie Game

8:00pm                 Camp Round Up  – COMMUTER PICK UP

8:45pm                 STAFF PRESENTATION

Day 4

7:00am                 Wake Up Call

7:15am                 BREAKFAST

8:00am                 Camp Round Up & Roll Call

8:15am                 Goalies Report to Van Andel Field (turf stadium)

8:30am                TALK 6

9:30am                 Goalie Games: Championship & Consolation Games

10:45am               Camp Wrap Up – Awards Ceremony – Hand out Evals

11:30am               Clean Up & Check Out